Josh Powels

Faculty Researcher, Centre for Natural Products

Dr. Josh Powles is a full-time faculty member in the Biosciences and Cannabis Applied Science post-graduate certificate program and a faculty researcher in the Centre since 2021. He has expertise in molecular biology, protein optimization, tissue culture and small-scale cultivation. 

In his role as Faculty Researcher, Josh is responsible for leading individual applied research projects from research planning to project completion and reporting, communicating with clients and team members and verifying that projects and tasks are on schedule and budget. 

His expertise in molecular biology was a welcome addition to the Centre, and he has taken the lead on three major projects in this area: ApolloGreen, Terra Plant and Royal Development Group Inc. He plays a key role in training and mentoring interns and student research assistants and acts as an overall resource in establishing a high standard for scientific credibility and rigor in applied research projects and approach to solutions, particularly with respect to molecular biology. 

We are fortunate to have a researcher and educator of such high caliber associated with the Centre. Josh completed his Honours BSc in Biology and his MSc and PhD in Molecular Biology, all at Queen’s University. He is associated with the lab of Dr. Kenton Ko at Queen’s, and together they have developed a patent-pending novel antibiotic, fungal, and cancer treatment drug.