About ARIO

The Applied Research and Innovation Office at Loyalist College connects industry, faculty, and students in exciting applied research projects leading to social innovation, development of local economies and education, and the training of the future workforce in Canada. Home to the Centre for Natural Products and the Centre for Healthy Communities, our teams of subject matter experts support diverse projects and services, assisting you to realize your applied research and development goals.

Loyalist College is one of Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges, ranking second in Canada for Industry Research Income. Centrally located between Toronto and Ottawa, Loyalist is a local research and innovation hub that houses Canada‘s only National Technology Access Centre for Natural Products.

Centres and Programs


ARIO brings together a network of partners and agencies to support applied research and training opportunities for businesses and students. 

For Businesses and Community Partners

  • Research and Development Facilities

    For startups, small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • Funding Expertise

    Help to find the best funding opportunities for your company (and maximize the chances of getting them approved!)

  • Professional Development Services

    Workshops and networking opportunities.

  • Access To Highly Qualified Personnel

    Highly qualified researchers and managers to find solutions to your challenges.

  • Research Ethics Board (REB) Support

    Ensure your research involving human participants meets the standards set forth by the Tri-Council Policy Statement on Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans.

  • Grant Writing Support

    Comply with all requirements to ensure the success of your research project.

For Students

  • Work-integrated Learning Opportunities For Students

    Students get hands-on professional experience working on innovation-oriented research projects.

  • Student Training And Experiential Learning

    Mentoring opportunities with highly qualified and experienced faculty.

Innovation Network

We work hard to support partners in developing their most innovative solutions. 

Projects & Events

Loyalist College Applied Research & Innovation Office promotes Community Integration Events to connect students, local industries and social innovation agents seeking to create high-impact solutions for developing their locale.

Let’s Talk Science Volunteers at Loyalist College have helped raise STEM awareness by delivering STEM-related activities to approximately 10,000 youth in the Quinte Region since 2012.

Home Share Loyalist is an alternative housing model that promotes intergenerational living for Loyalist students, focusing on international students and adults 55 years of age and older in the Quinte region.

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