Loyalist College and Kingston Aluminum Technology Inc. are One Step Closer to a Sustainable Cannabis Beverage Bottling Solution

Belleville, Ontario, December 17, 2020 – Loyalist College’s Applied Research Centre for Natural Products and Medical Cannabis is using its expertise in green technology and cannabis to identify and test different sustainable liner options to match the quality of Kingston Aluminum Technology Inc.’s (KAT) recyclable aluminum bottles.

Funding from GreenCentre Canada’s CONNECT program to advance this initiative will move KAT, a privately-held Canadian company, closer to commercial success in the Cannabis 2.0 market.

CONNECT is supported by the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) and funds small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) working with service providers, such as Loyalist’s Applied Research Centre for Natural Products and Medical Cannabis, to accelerate the development of their products or services.

This strategic collaboration not only contributes to Canada’s role as a leader in Cannabis 2.0 products, but also meets the high demand for environmentally friendly containers that are sustainable, child-resistant, and retain the potency and quality of beverages. All of which are a key production concern in the cannabis industry.


“Containers and liners can greatly impact the acceptable range of cannabinoid potency and stability, which ultimately influences marketability. Loyalist’s solution-driven team of researchers are dedicated to helping small and medium-sized enterprises like Kingston Aluminum Technology Inc. create safe, sustainable packaging without compromising product quality.” – Dr. Ann Marie Vaughan, President & CEO, Loyalist College

“Our patented blow moulding process results in fully recyclable aluminum bottles which are a viable alternative to plastic bottles. In turn, our sustainable process uses less energy to produce and requires half the space of a traditional production line. This allows anyone from a start-up to a large brand to work with us.” – Betty Pilon, President, Kingston Aluminum Technology Inc.

“CONNECT is an all-around success story for the Canadian economy, providing companies like KAT with expert resources at Loyalist’s Applied Research Centre for Natural Products and Medical Cannabis, while boosting the Canadian economy by retaining both the service and the SME in Canada.” – Dr. Brian Mariampillai, Director of Business Development, GreenCentre Canada

About GreenCentre Canada
GreenCentre Canada, established in 2009, is a not-for-profit Chemistry/Materials Commercialization Centre with a mandate to support the growth of chemical and materials start-ups, SMEs and multinationals by transforming their innovations into valued products, processes and services. The organization is based in Kingston, Ontario, and operates a world class state-of-the-art research and development chemistry facility for small to medium scale chemistry innovation services. The organization is supported by a group of scientists, most of whom have advanced degrees in the chemistry field. GreenCentre features an 8,000 ft2 bench scale chemistry facility fully equipped with analytical equipment.

About Kingston Aluminum Technology Inc.
Kingston Aluminum Technology Inc. (KAT) solved a 30-year-old industry challenge tackled by some of the largest companies and many of the leading experts in aluminum technology – how to customize the shape of a lightweight aluminum bottle on a commercial production line. KAT’s blow molded aluminum bottle is a game-changer in the bottling industry. KAT is providing a practical alternative to PET and glass bottles with real environmental benefits. And in addition to providing its low volume clients (beverage producers, co-packers and packaging distributors) with the more environmentally friendly option they have been asking for, KAT is also providing them with more ways to differentiate themselves from the competition on the shelf (through shape and in graphics).

About Loyalist College’s Applied Research Centre for Natural Products and Medical Cannabis
Loyalist College’s Applied Research Centre for Natural Products and Medical Cannabis is an innovation hub helping industry collaborate with academia to transform the results of research into high-quality, consistent and safe products, solving their applied research challenges and building their applied research capabilities. The Applied Research Centre for Natural Products and Medical Cannabis offers companies across Eastern Ontario a supportive, community-oriented platform from which to enhance their productivity, expand their reach and augment their competitiveness in the global market. In addition to income from industry partnerships, the Applied Research Centre for Natural Products and Medical Cannabis is funded through the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) College and Community Innovation (CCI) Program, as well as the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the Ontario Research Fund (ORF), and the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE).

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Contact: Kerry Lorimer, Director, Marketing, Communications and Recruitment
Loyalist College, klorimer@loyalistcollege.com, 613-969-1913, ext. 2536

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